Supersymmetric theories,
dualities and deformations

Topics include supersymmetric gauge theories, their string- and M-theory realizations, dualities and deformations.

The conference will take place at the Exact Sciences (ExWi) building of the University of Bern, located directly above the main station of Bern, within a few minutes walking of Bern's famous UNESCO world heritage old town.

Speakers include

Ignatios Antoniadis
Stefano Cremonesi
Amihay Hanany
Chris Hull
Neil Lambert
Alberto Lerda
Vasily Pestun
Jörg Teschner
Johannes Walcher
Alberto Zaffaroni


Antonio Amariti
Domenico Orlando
Susanne Reffert

Bern, 4 to 6 July 2016
Albert Einstein Center
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Sidlerstrasse 5
Bern - Switzerland

You can download the poster here.